Mr. Rahr’s retirement

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Mr. Rahr’s retirement

Erick Rodea, Staff Writer

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Mr. Rahr has been a robotics and aerospace teacher for 4 years at the great, Renton High School. He will finally be retiring on June 21, 2019.

Mr. Rahr was a very inspiring teacher. Every day, there would always be a conversation in the class that he always talks about “to do what you love in life” and “every job or career always starts by sweeping the floor”.  And he was right, every student who has a job always starts at the bottom and work their way up to the top.

He served in the Navy and worked for the Boeing Company, test flying 737, 787, and jets for the Boeing Company to see if they were flyable.

He has helped many students find what they wanted to do after high school. He has helped students get into the one job he always talks about: “Boeing”.

Four students of his who graduated last year in 2018 now have good paying jobs with great benefits in the Boeing Company. He is always proud of them, and always talks about them, and tells students that it is possible to do whatever you want to do in life and long as you work hard for it and achieve it.

Mr. Rahr will always be an appreciated teacher who has taught students many skills in using machinery. He produced very creative projects for students to do, and students are proud to accomplish the projects.

Mr. Rahr will be missed by many students who appreciated him and respected him for the kind of teacher he is.