Boys basketball tournament games in Yakima places them 3rd at State

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Boys basketball tournament games in Yakima places them 3rd at State

Kierra Frazier and Chaya Herron

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The Renton boys´ basketball team had officially made it to Yakima, Washington for the tournament. Being able to make to it Yakima is a big deal for any high school basketball team that has the opportunity to go. It is especially special for the Renton boys´ basketball team because they made it to the semi-finals and the boys basketball team hasn’t been this successful since 1967.

There was a total of 4 tournament games the boys played. The first game they played against Burlington Ettison.

¨We played really well as a team; we played with a lot of energy the entire game,¨ said head coach, Rashaad Powell.

The final score of the game was 57-52 (Renton). This game was one of the most competitive games the Renton boys have played. There were many times where the scores would be so close together and there were times where the scores were tied. But overall, Renton played great defense, good shots were taken, and they did not have many fouls called on them.

Since Renton had won this game, they got advanced to play North Kitsap. The boys have also played against North Kitsap in the district play-offs. Unfortunately, they lost the game, but they continued to fight and not give up.

To play North Kitsap again meant a lot to them.  The final score of this game was 56-51. According to Coach Powell, the boys played another great game.

After winning this game, the boys were now advanced to the semi-finals of the state tournament. The boys´ basketball team hasn’t made it to the semi-finals in over 50+ years.

¨It´s a pretty big deal for us to advance and be able to have the opportunity to play in that game,¨ said Powell.

Renton had been advanced once more to now play against Selah.

The boys had played another great game working together as a team with a lot effort. Sadly, the boys had lost to the score of 56-61. Renton played well as a team, had amazing energy and kept playing through all of the obstacles that came their way.

Both Coach Powell and his team believe the only reason they didn´t win this game was because there were some calls that ¨didn´t go our way.¨

By that comment, he means the refs were mostly calling fouls against Renton and barely any for the other team. If the boys were to have won this game, they would´ve advanced to the state championship game.

For their last game, it was titled a ¨consolation game¨ against Pullman for third place. The final score of that game was 61-42 ( Renton ).

¨They were pretty upset after losing the game to Selah, and now not having the opportunity to winning the state championship, that we bounce back and came out and played with a lot of energy and intensity and won,¨ said Powell.

Head Coach Rashaad Powell is beyond proud of his team. They have worked very hard, played great as a team all season, as well as in the play-offs and the state tournaments. Even though they didn´t get first place in these state tournaments like they deserved to, they still played really well and got third place in state.