What is it like being an Ell student at Renton High School?


Maleyko Ali, Staff Writer

Renton High School has a lot of students who are English Language Learners. So, I asked my friend Muna some questions about her experience being an ELL student and below are the answers she gave.

What is your favorite thing about learning English in Renton?

“My favorite thing about being an Ell student in Renton is expressing myself knowing that I won’t be judge by the I speak.”

Do your teachers understand you?

“I am happy that my teachers understand me without even saying anything.”

What is the best thing about Renton High School?

“I came to Renton without knowing much English and with the help of Ms. Licano and Mr. Domar I am much better than I was before and am thankful for it.”

What would you tell your fellow students in Renton High School?

“I would tell them that today I don’t know English I will know later so don’t shame the students who have difficulty in speaking English.”

What do you find most difficult when learning English?

“What I found difficult in my progress of learning English is reading and Writing Essays.”

What is advantage of being an Ell student at Renton High School?

“Advantages of being an Ell student is having friends from all over the world and learning new words from different languages.”

What are your final words?

“I would tell the new coming students to not worry about being embarrassed because in Renton High school is for all and be comfortable.”