Agape week recap


Chelsea Warden

Vivian Tran, Staff Writer

What exactly is “Agape”?

Agape is the highest form of love, the love for humankind. This type of love goes on beyond Eros (passionate), Philia (friendship, and Storge (familial) love. Agape is focused on the idea of universal love, even for strangers, just for the simplicity of them being human. Agape love is unconditional and unselfish.

Renton High School showcases this love with a whole week dedicated to planned festivities. The week starts off with an assembly with guest speaker John “Push” Gaines whose “ultimate goal is to help as many young people as possible and to help them realize regardless of the adversity or obstacles they may face, they can still PUSH to be the great human being that they were created to be.” Gaines encourages Renton High students to persevere through obstacles to become the best and most loving version of themselves.

Throughout that week, appreciation notes that were written the previous week are passed out. Students write agape notes to show love and appreciation for their friends, classmates, and staff. These notes are more than just a slip of paper though, people can express their appreciation for people that are often overlooked, such as someone who may have simply helped with a homework question, teachers, custodians, lunch staff, bus drivers, and so many others. These notes let people know that their actions and their overall being are valued.

Like agape notes, the purpose of compliment clothespins is to show appreciation for others. The clothespins are decorated with sayings and pictures and clipped onto an unknowing passerby. The sayings are motivational and not limited to superficial compliments regarding appearance.  Clothespins range from compliments such as “I enjoy your laugh” to “have a nice day!”. Spreading these pins in a lighthearted and playful way allows many people to be acknowledged.

3rd period leadership students also set up games in the commons throughout the majority of the week. These games consisted of giant Jenga, giant connect four, bean bag toss, team games, and so on. The games allowed students to get together and work collectively as a team and bond. Students were able to demonstrate leadership skills and create a sense of community when they took a break from their cell phone screens to come together and participate.

The importance of agape week often goes overlooked. Everyone, not just students, come together as a community and show admiration for all of those around them.