Dancing- a prominent form of healthy artistry

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Dancing- a prominent form of healthy artistry

Scott Dang, Staff Writer

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Jazz, Country, Latin, Hip-hop, the possibilities are countless when it comes to expressing emotions and tastes. Whether it be in the form of music or poetry. However, they all lack one thing,
the ability to truly express it in physical terms. Art is commonly regarded and understood in the concept of an illustrative piece of portrait which inherently associates itself with the word “art.” This slight misconception conceals the true nature of art and quite frankly, the limitless amounts of ways there are to express it— with dancing being one of them.

Dancing, with growing trends in its recent popularity has become a huge spotlight of attention. But what is dancing really? What else is there behind the facade of the notable talent and flashy moves involved? Dancing, to its very core, is filled with artistry done through a succession of movements. It is performed through such techniques that the weight of its symbolic values can be perfectly,and in many opinions, be more capturing and simply better than an illustration on a canvas in some cases.

It is through such expressions that dancing can really make one’s imagination turn into actions and principles. Yet, the fascination of dancing does not end there. Dancing, being a physical activity has its outweighing benefit for fitness. Depending on a person’s level, it can vary greatly from its intensity, but it’s undeniable that dancing can have a wonderful effect on a person’s well being. Such effects can range from physical confidence or a higher level of mental fortitude to better heart and lung conditions.

The power of a person’s imagination is endless, and in the year 2019, harmful threats and actions have been taken in hopes of expressing a person’s ideology. These violent forms of expressions are one of the many reasons why humans, down to their very core, may be their own downfall of peace. Small things from misconceptions to a gore-filled picture can do as much damage in today’s more susceptible society. It is only until then that the use of peaceful expressions can be integrated into society in hopes of unlocking the entrance to a more prosperous and efficient nation.

Though the art of dancing may not be the correct key to the grand hall, it is what you decide to do from there that the other passages may being to unfold.

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