Mr. Beast Giving Away Hundreds and Thousands of Dollars

Ritney Tang, Staff Writer

Recently, social media these days has changed the way we make money by working online at home making videos and uploading them for entertainment.

This Youtuber, Jimmy Donaldson, is also known as Mr. Beast. He is a famous and entertaining comedy Youtuber with 15.3 million subscribers as of February 23rd, 2019. At age 20, Mr. Beast has around 1.9 billion viewers from all his total videos and his whole YouTube career. His career is unstoppable and growing as he earns more and more money.

Most of his money comes from brand deals which gets around one million dollars, some viral videos, and ads. By just running 1 ad, he can earn up to 30 thousand dollars. As Mr. Beast uploads more videos that become viral, he will have more brands that are willing to work with him. And if he works with these brand deals, he will earn more money. Basically, it is an unending cycle if he keeps uploading.

Recently, he made a video of giving away 10,000 dollars to a homeless man as a gift of kindness. Then, within a week he gained 10 million viewers and subscribers. His fans started to donate money to Mr. Beast to support his career.

Many have written complaints that this was all a scam, fake, and pranks because no one would ever donate large amount of money like Mr. Beast did.  He also did scam many of his fans, but later he mentioned it was just for fun. Later, in previous videos, he gave his mother a $100,000 check to make the video go viral. By getting it viral, he will earn double the amount of money he gave his mother.

“If I don’t give it to you, I don’t have a viral video,” mentioned Donaldson. So, in return, his plan was to give away large quantities of money then get paid back double the amount on his paycheck.

The reason why he’s giving away large amounts of money is because his job is as an entertainer, and or course who wouldn’t want money?