Apex Legends taking over?


Jeremiah Shields, Staff Writer

Many people already know about the new game Apex Legends that was released February 4, 2019, made by Respawn Entertainment. And millions of people play it and love it. But just how good is it?

It is a hit game and lots of things has happened since then. People have been contemplating, can it overthrow the money-making success machine, Fortnite, made by Epic Games, released July 25th, 2017? Fortnite has gotten 125 million players in less than a year, and its success hasn’t stopped at all.

But when Apex came, people were actually worried. 25 million players play the game and that was in a week. Apex is rolling into their 3rd week, and Respawn is happy with the results.

People ask, how will it do in a year?

Nobody knows, but Respawn’s success shows no sign of stopping. Even professional players in Fortnite have left it for Apex. But Fortnite might try to make a comeback, due to season 8 happening in a couple days.

The professional player Ninja even confesses that Apex could beat Fortnite, “It has fixed Fortnite’s problems, like no fall damage. You even have a knockdown shield if you are down. I just noticed this.”

Time will tell if Fortnite will be overthrown by the challenger Apex. But people know that Apex is a success so far.