The dangers of “Mother Bird” and negative influence


Kierra Frazier, Staff Writer

Over the past couple of days, there have been posts all over both Facebook and Youtube about this strange scary creature named Momo.

Momo is a sculpture that was built by a Japanese male named Keisuka Aisawa back in 2017. This sculpture got its name ¨Momo¨ from mother bird. She has a face with, big round scary eyes, long black hair, and a huge wide smile, and a nose, the bottom half of her body is bird legs/feet.

We all know how little kids enjoy spending their days watching Youtube on their parentss phones or on their Ipads. But now parents are starting to get more cautious of what their kids are watching.

Apparently, while kids are watching little kid videos on Youtube, Momo would pop up on their screen at some point of the video while the parent are not paying attention and tell the kids that when their parents sleep to do dangerous activities to harm or sometimes kill themselves and their loved ones. Sometimes there´s even a song that constantly repeats: ¨Momo´s gonna kill you.¨

Since many people think Momo is scary and creepy, there is a new trend called the ¨Momo challenge.¨ The game consists of texting Momo on an app called Whatsapp. What happens is when you text “Momo” on the app, a picture of her will be sent to your phone and she´ll respond with ¨creepy commands that are said to escalate to extreme violence and horror.¨

In conclusion, if you have nieces, nephews, brothers, and sisters, please be cautious of the stuff they watch on Youtube to prevent them from being negatively influenced. Also, do not attempt to try the Momo challenge for your own safety.