What’s Next?


Naima Aden, Staff Writer

So, what’s next, seniors?

Straight to work?

Community college?


Studying abroad?

There are so many different options for seniors as they graduate and transition into adulthood. However,  good grades and how well one succeeds, shapes what they can achieve after school.

Going straight to work after school could be a different case for some students. Working in a field they would later want to study or in a field that they studied a lot in high school could lead to amazing careers in the future.

Community (and technical) colleges and universities are two of the higher education options that majority of the students turn to. It is one of the successful options as well, but any option should fit what the individual wants to achieve out of life and they will be successful regardless.

Studying abroad is one of the choices that give you a lot of insight into other education systems and memories to cherish while learning. Though it can cause homesickness and costs a lot of money, it allows one to make new friends in a different country and have a lot more global connections.

There are so many different options for us seniors and succeeding in high school is the best shot in getting where they want to go.