Health Point fitness group at RHS


Lauren Wetzel, Staff Writer

At Renton High School’s Health Point there is an exercise group that meets every Wednesday from 2:30-3:30. Everyone is encouraged to join and prizes will be raffled off every month. In addition there will be a healthy snack provided afterwards.

The program is modeled after Tyee High School’s fitness group at the Health Point clinic there. The group meets at Health Point at 2:30 and walk down to the cafeteria together.

There they do “Light exercise, some yoga, [and] stretching” Health Point receptionist Julie Ramirez says.

The idea is to engage students in physical activity and get them thinking about living a healthy lifestyle. It is also a way of providing equity since not every student can afford a gym membership. It allows students to learn healthy habits and ways to workout without any fancy equipment.

Every time a student attends a meeting they get a raffle ticket. The more they show up, the more tickets they get, and the more chances they get to win. The prizes are mainly gift cards to different businesses around Renton.

For students who are wanting to become more physically active but do not know how, it would be beneficial to try this exercise group out. According to Ramirez

“It’s so fun! I am totally not your gym type person or sporty type of person necessarily but it was really enjoyable.”