Snow storm hits Renton


Emma Austin, Editor-in-Chief

Weather in Washington this season, in the wake of a new year, has been anything but expected—including a recent snowy storm.

Named “Winter Storm Lucian,” the storm brought a surge of snow and sludge onto unsuspecting homeowners this February.

It has been traveling up from the Sierra Nevada, to several parts of northwest WA this past weekend, leading into the following week.

To focus locally in Renton, on Sunday Feb 3rd, at 4:00pm a good 3- inch layer of snow was visible, only to melt shortly thereafter. Though at around 8:30pm conditions became apparent to those in Renton once again, as heavy winds and cold air brought steady snowfall for hours into the night.

News broadcasts were covering the weather as it came, making way for school districts to assess and announce snow closures and delays.

As listed on, several districts nearby including Bellevue School District, RTC, and nearby elementary schools had closure alerts for Monday posted on Sunday night. It wasn’t until early Monday morning that the Renton School District’s mobile system alerted parents that schools would be closed due to unfit weather and road conditions.

RHS students responded to this with several social media outlets, including the student council ran notification-Instagram page @rentonspiritsquad and the districts’ @rentonschools.


                   We also personally interviewed and received responses to the cold front, from some chilly RHS students.

One student Melissa Hiu shared how unfortunate it was to her that the snow came now, in early February, as opposed to December, closer to Christmas.

“When I woke up to see the snow, I thought, wow. Where was it when it was Christmas. It’s two months late,” shared Hiu.

She also answered our questions about her overall experience with and in the snow.

“And my experience wasn’t really anything bad, I just played in the snow and helped my mom unfreeze the car. Nothing too serious, it was kind of fun actually. Snow days are always fun and will be,” Hiu responded.

Another student, Stephanie Dennis, was unaware of the conditions until her mother woke her Monday morning.

“I woke up this morning and my mother was saying how It was really snowy and that there was snow on the road, and that the school had called, so we both came to the conclusion that I couldn’t go to work,” said Dennis.

“I wasn’t paying attention to the weather the night before (Sunday), so it was a surprise to me,” Dennis added.

She also gave us her “pros,” and “cons.”

“It [was] unfortunate because we were confined to the house, but I am pretty happy for the small break,” noted Dennis.

It’s ‘unfortunate’ demeanor turned to be a common opinion, as another student Rhandi Rosemond, simply described her experience with the snow as “inconvenient.”

This is in large because of the students at RHS that also have part-time jobs and other dedications that keep them from simply staying home all day.

One student, Laura Aguilar-Flores, thought hard about the conditions’ effects on the less-fortunate.

“… I was extremely happy because I didn’t have to go to school, but when I went outside later I started feeling really bad for people who don’t have homes because it was freezing,” pondered Aguilar-Flores.

When asked how this snow storm affected her, and what ways it surprised her, she replied thoughtfully.

“I was surprised because the students seemed to be extra caring/united towards each other? So many of my friends and students that I haven’t really talked to in a long time were sending messages saying, ‘there’s no school today’ and I thought that was really cool,” she shared.

Another student, Mekhia Cranford, responded differently, using humor to reflect.

“I can’t feel any of my toes— and the weather outside can bite me,” Cranford responded, short and sweet.

Students were reassured Monday that school would proceed with a delayed start at 9:20 on Tuesday, Febuary 5th.

Recent updates differed, as at 11:00 pm another mobile call concluded that Renton Schools would once again be closed, continuing onto the 5th.

With even more snow in the forecast, it will be interesting to see what the weather has in store for the students in Renton for the remainder of this February month.