Agape week celebration

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Agape week celebration

Dennah Ytac, Staff Writer

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Renton High School leadership is hosting our 2019 Agape Week celebration!

Agape week will take place February 25-March 1

For those who don’t know what Agape is, Agape means love.

Agape (uh-gawpay) is a feeling we give to others no matter what they look like or what their flaws are.

Renton High School celebrates Agape and reminds each other that we’re equally united.

  • On Monday, February 25, there will be a guest speaker named John Gaines.
    • John Gaines aka “John PUSH Gaines” was a former at-risk kid who turned youth advocate. He will be coming to
      Renton High School to speak to the students and help them realize that no matter what obstacles they face
      in life, they will PUSH ourselves over the limit.

Throughout the week, students will be doing…

  • Clothespin compliments: clothespins that get passed around with compliments written on them. These clothespins are supposed to be PASSED AROUND, not hoarded.
  • Notes of appreciation: during advisory, students and staff will be given the opportunity to write notes of appreciation to other students and staff. These notes will be delivered.
  • Lemonade: lemonade will be handed out on Wednesday in the commons.
  • Advisory lesson: during advisory, we will be having a “wrap-up” lesson that is based off of what John Gaines talks about on Monday Feb 25

Agape Monday schedule
1st: 7:20-8:15
2nd: 8:20-9:15
Assembly: 9:20-10:20
3rd: 10:25-11:25
4th: 12:05-1:00
5th: 12:05-2:03

RHS students, we hope you enjoy Agape week! We encouraged you to join us and spread love all around the school!

Much love from the leadership kids & Ms. Neuschwander