Renton vs. Foster Boys Basketball, 1/30


Vivian Tran, Staff Writer

High school basketball is not just some game where students are tossing a ball into a net for bragging rights. When the season is over, students are still working hard. For some it is just a hobby, but for many it is a passion, perhaps even a career. Many students work year-round regardless of weather or fatigue; it is a lifestyle. These young athletes have been developing their reputations and skill-sets for the majority of their lives in hopes of becoming a professional player.

Whether it is on court or off, the members of the Renton High School are always using opportunities and experiences to grow. This is apparent with their game against Foster High School on January 30th, 2019.

The first quarter ended somewhat promising with Renton High with 18 points while Foster High with 17. After that, Renton was slowly declining with Foster in the lead. The final score with Foster having 82 points while Renton had 62 points. The game was close, but Renton started struggling towards the 3rd and 4th quarter.

“It was a tight game all through the 1st through 3rd period. The last quarter is when we started to fall apart as a team. I want to improve as a varsity player by stepping up and being a leader-figure to my other teammates when its needed”, says Jeon Lipa, a sophomore student at Renton High.

Though aware of the plights faced during the game, the players are not beating themselves up. Individuals such as Jeon are ready to learn from these mistakes and learn from them. Whether it is adjustments to form, or becoming someone more assertive, the players are taking action to improve themselves on and off the court.