Renton High School wrestling

Ritney Tang, Staff Writer

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Renton High School’s 2018-19 wrestling team has a variety of people from different cultures and backgrounds.

They also have a total of 3 coaches for the wrestling team, Matt Weiner and Steve Conn are assistant coaches, and Daniel Villalobos is the head coach. The wrestling team travels together and competes against other schools in the area.

The scoring system is very simple. You get a point when either you escape your opponent on the mat and get back to stance; you take them down with your control, or you pin them. A pin is where you get your opponent in a position where they can’t get out of it. Finally, there is the “near fall point,” where the wrestler’s nearly won their match which is 2-3 points depending on how long you grip your opponent. Overall, it’s an easy scoring system.

The main rules for wrestling are straight forward. One of the main rules is that there are no headlocks. Another rule is that you can’t lock hands around your opponent unless they are fully standing up. One more is to never eat or drink before weigh-ins, meaning when you arrive at a tournament, food is not allowed in your system.

Two students on last year’s Renton High wrestling team, John Pham and Michael Richardson, made it to state last year. John Pham made 7th place. It was lucky that they made it to state. However, it is important not to forget the people who, unfortunately, got injured. There were three people who got injured from this year.

Melissa Hiu got an elbow injury on December 8th, 2018. Noah Arelolo had a broken nose, and Zack Schmiechel a knee injury.

Melissa said, “All in all, it’s dangerous, but it’s so fun at the same time. Like, you have no idea how good it feels to leave all your anger and stress on the mat.”

What is so interesting about wrestling? Why do people like wrestling anyways?

A member of Renton’s team explained, “people do it because they want to try something new out, and it helps them out with other sports that they have in their athletic career, and some people just love to let out their anger and when they have someone to fight they basically take the chance,” they explained.

Melissa also said that it is interesting because it’s a different type of discipline, different from all other sports.

“It teaches you how to be tough mentally and physically. All these moves that the wrestlers do just intrigue you and they may seem disgusting because of all the sweat, but it’s all in the mind of being powerful over someone in a competitive way,” explained Hiu.

Overall, Renton’s wresting team creates an extremely positive environment and is a wonderful sport to play. Though competitors may get hurt with all the tackling and crazy moves, in the end, wrestling is a fun sport.