Boys basketball season

Jeremiah Shields, Staff Writer

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So far, the boys basketball team is doing incredible this season. They are SPSL North Division champions 3 years in a row and have gotten 37-4 in the past 3 years.

Coach Rashaad Powell led his team to many victories this season. Lots of players helped make this happen like Damarco Williams (senior) and Vershan Jackson (senior).

They are very important members of the team and will try their very best to get victories in basketball. Their league record is 12-1 and their overall record is 15-5.

All the players helped make this happen, including O’Shae Barguet (junior) and Terrance Meneese (junior), who are going to get a lot of wins during this basketball season.

The playoffs of West District begin February 6, 2019 and they all hope to qualify for it. The state tournament is at Yakima, Washington state. They are hopefully going to make it to the playoffs and smash the tournament.

Courtesy video from Curtis Shaw:

Curtis Shaw