Renton High’s bowling team breaks records as first team in the district to make it to state

Elizabeth Selberg, Staff Writer

After a long season, senior Kerry Diaz Neri qualified for the bowling state competition, which was held in Tacoma on February 1st.

The excitement behind Neri’s qualification went beyond just making it to state. While qualification is always exciting, this time was especially impressive as it marked the first time an individual from Renton School District had made it to State for bowling.

In preparation for the big game, Neri said:

“I’m nervous because it’s my first time. There are just more people and more games, so more practice needed.” Thankfully, Neri seems to have a natural talent for the sport. She has only been bowling for two years, so her qualification was, as her coach Carmen Dewey said, “pretty amazing.”

Neri was described as:

“Always cheering her teammates on and always congratulating other teams when they get a strike or spare and encouraging them,” by Dewey, and “extremely friendly and supportive in and outside of bowling,” by her friend and teammate Ariana King.

Neri definitely carried her positivity and sportsmanship with her to Friday’s game. The competition was made up of 6 games total, where Neri competed against the best of the best.

Sadly, she did not advance to the next level, but she later said that she had a lot of fun and “[got] to meet some really good players and people there.”

Regardless of the outcome, Neri definitely made her community proud and raised the bar for next year’s players.

To find more information on Renton High’s bowling team, contact Ms. Dewey in the ASB office which is located in the commons.