Rule change: no more rolled shorts

Chaya Herron, Staff Writer

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Recently there has been a rule change in the WIA basketball rules. The new rule is that players cannot roll up their shorts. No one is quite sure why they changed this rule, but unfortunately no one is happy about it. Many athletes roll their shorts because it is more comfortable. Sometimes their shorts can be too big or too long and according to the Renton Girls basketball team, it’s simply easier to play in shorter length shorts.

One reason athletes enjoy playing basketball in shorter length shorts is because it is comfortable.

“Because our shorts are skin tight and small, it is overall a better and more pleasant look,” says varsity player Sean Benning.

Sometimes the shorts can be too big or long, so it goes pass their knees. Most players claim that it is harder to play because “they feel like sweats.” 

According to the basketball players, it is hard to play a sport feeling uncomfortable.

Another reason athletes like rolling their shorts up is that it is easier, especially for the Renton Girls basketball team.

“I just feel like since I’m so use to playing with short shorts, its already easy. Also, our shorts are so weird looking and tight when they are not rolled, so it’s harder to adjust to this new rule,” states another varsity player, Darian Cooper.

It gives the players more room to run around on the court and it’s just a better look in general. Players won’t feel as suffocated versus playing with shorts that they can barely fit.

In conclusion, rolling up player shorts is a national trend. Most players find it easier to go and play basketball because of how comfortable they are. It is not fair for players to play a sport they love and feel uncomfortable, especially if it is not affecting the game in a negative way.