FPS game impacts

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FPS game impacts

Ritney Tang, Staff Writer

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FPS Game Impacts

Video games these days change many people’s lives. Many view games in a positive light, while others have negative attitudes towards them. Some see it has harming their health due to sitting in a room for hours, while some see it as having no downsides, and find it entertaining.

So, reader, have you played video games before? How was it?

Here are some quick facts and beneficial possibilities of video games such as CSGO.

The great thing about the CSGO otherwise known as “Counter-Strike: Global Offensive: multiplayer first-person shooter video game,” is the adventure players get to experience while they are at it. Not only that, it is fun and it allows for  hands on experience on graphical designing, programming, and learning about the different mods.

What’s very good about games like FPS and CSGO is that there are different game plays that users can play with real life people in multi-player mode, which is a good thing because they can connect with real people. In real life, players cannot “play” with guns on a daily basis because obviously it is a dangerous risk. But, playing CSGO as a video game, users can play with guns all day as a hobby. Not only is it a safer approach to gun use, but vidoe game users can learn about the different type of guns and their names.

Many may be asking what is so special about guns and shooting? Well, many love gaming and guns as an aspiration in their lives.

Guns maybe symbolize something to them, but are not allowed to be used as a weapon of harm. So, by having FPS games available to them, it’s almost like a gift supplied just for them. Some may even earn money from gaming like Esports teams such as compLexity, Cloud9, Team Solomid, and more, etc. They can earn up to millions of dollars just play games with others.

“The PEA plans a 10-week season with a prize pool of $1 million for its first year,” mentioned Colin Campbell.

This is a change in the 21st Century because that’s making easy money in a year. Imagine working hard for 8 hours a day at a construction field which can be extremely dangerous too. Things can accidentally do wrong. In contrast, there is no physical danger to players in video games. Plus, while gaming, users are having fun!

Overall, this is not a negative thing. Gaming can be a huge impact to many individuals.

I personally enjoy FPS gaming and would rate it as a 4 out of 5 stars because the game itself is not perfect.