Tukwila’s Miyabi Sushi: A Review


Lana Vuong, Staff Writer

SOUTHCENTER – Located in Parkway Square Shopping Center, is one of the coolest sushi places people might eat at.

Miyabi Sushi, is the highest rated sushi place of the many sushi places in Tukwila with a whopping 4.5 stars.

They have great service and food. Though a little tight and pricey, you will totally get what you pay for.

Miyabi includes a range of foods for different taste and cravings, they have many options like vegan options, kid bento boxes to keep kids satisfied, rice bowls, salad, seafood, meat, curry, noodles, and even different types of sushi like rolls, a sushi bar, and nigiri.

They have a good blend of traditional and modern Japanese cuisine and are always on top of their seasonal specialties. Though their food takes a little long to make, when brought out the presentation is beautiful and totally worth it.

Their service was great, the place was very welcoming, very clean, the workers occasionally came to check up on how the food was and if I needed anything else, was treated with much respect, and they were super kind/friendly.

Their setting definitely could be bigger, was a little cramped, but I noticed some of their tables had the ability to fold up to make a bigger table. I do not think it is the best setting for groups larger than 10 unless you are planning to call in. This place was decorated very nice and really gives off Japanese vibes, their atmosphere was very nice, and looked super professional.

Overall, Miyabi Sushi was a very nice place to eat dinner, it was a little pricey, so maybe not the best place to go to on a budget, but you will for sure get what you pay for. Their service will treat you right. I definitely think this is worth the money, and people should for sure eat here. I really do recommend buying a meal from here!