Escape Room Movie: A Review

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Escape Room Movie: A Review

Zoei Hammond, Staff Writer

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*Spoiler Alert*

Escape Room is a must-see thriller this 2019. It was directed by film director and screen writer Adam Robitel, who is known for producing horror films, such as Paranormal Activity and Insidious.

Though, Escape Room was seemingly more of a mystery flick, and it entailed the adventure of six strangers who find themselves in a series of fatal rooms that they must escape to win $10,000 and survive.

The characters are forced to use their own knowledge from past experiences to survive through the unexpected death traps. Throughout the movie, there are flashbacks into each of the six characters lives showcasing the tragedies that led them to a sadistic room specifically designed for them.

One great thing about this movie is that it is fairly unpredictable. The characters are likable and really draw the viewers in. This movie keeps their attention with its suspenseful and thrilling aspects. It was noticeable that the audience was attached to the characters and that they were auditory in their displeasure when characters died (or at least thought they died).

Another great thing is the flashbacks to the characters past and how each character’s past connected to the room they were in. Everything was just one big puzzle. The plot was enjoyable when it twisted and showed one character, Zoey, dying but shortly after, she appeared at the end of the movie as well as Ben. Ben opened the movie in a death trap and left the audience wondering what happened and whether or not he survived, this we find out at the end of the movie and everything comes to a full circle.

The movie was intense. There were multiple surprises concerning who was going to die and who was going to live. The rooms themselves were clever. As for the deaths, they were not too gory or expected but were still gruesome. The actors were able to make the audience feel what they are feeling in that moment.

It was intriguing when the film ended with a “cliffhanger” and leave the audience wanting more. While it was ending the audience was able to realize that they were setting it up for a sequel, so that was enjoyable and they are able to look forward to a second movie.

Overall, Escape Room is a great movie for anyone who wants a mystery and a thriller and will keep you on the edge of your seat.

This movie was well executed and great if you want to forget about your own life for a little while.