Should AI technologies continue to expand in the future?

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Should AI technologies continue to expand in the future?

Jie Chen, Staff Writer

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As technology progresses, more and more companies introduce robots and AI into the industry to boost up production rate. More inventions and apps enhance life experience every day, but many people start to question whether this is the right move to take or not.

Automation is a good thing, machines can complete the tasks that we want to be done correctly and efficiently without human interfering, saving time and resources from errors. So, AI should continue to develop and expand in the future.

AI help with daily needs, making life far more convenient for humans. In a recent project launched in the University of the Pacific by the PepsiCo and Bay Area-based Robby Technologies, students on campus can now order snacks or drinks on their phone and a mobile vending machine robot will deliver it to them. However, this is not the first project that had automated delivery. In 2017, in Shanghai, China, there is a 24/7 convenience store that has no staff registered and is able to make direct deliveries and go back to the warehouse to replenish items.

AI also helps in the medical field. AI can produce quick diagnoses and treatments can be implemented immediately if is serious situation. Because of its learning ability it can reduce human error and assist doctors if they are too tired after a day’s work. Also, with the help of AI, it is said that by 2026, $150 billion can be saved annually for the U.S. health care economy. Moreover, AI can perform robotic surgeries that not only provide extra workforce if there are shortage of surgeons, and it reduce human error and raises the survival rate of the patients.

The future with AI is unlimited, although a lot of them are still just a growing idea most of the professionals thinks that they are reachable. Auto-driving is already being developed, and as technology becomes more advance it will continuously be improved. In the future AI could help manage your bank account and financial related inquiries, and the algorithm of the AI will make remarks of notable events and give financial insights. For AI overall, it is estimated that it can boost global GDP by 14% from now to 2030, which is an equivalent of an additional $15.7 trillion put into the world’s economy.

With Artificial Intelligence, many people share one common concern: AI will take over human and dominate the Earth. This is a very common theme in Science Fiction. While facing these types of questions, many professionals gave out the answer, no. Unlike Hollywood movies, AI will not acquire emotions because they simply are not built that way, it isn’t in their program. What we should worry is not that they will betray us, but what happen if their solutions to problems don’t quite match what we need.

AI has infinite possibilities, it is impossible for them to cause harm, rather than being repulsive, we should embrace it and progress toward a greater future.