Islamic holy month of Ramadan

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Islamic holy month of Ramadan

Maleyko Ali, Staff Writer

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Ramadan is a month where more than 1.5 billion Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset.

Many students at RHS observe this month, and it is helpful for other students and staff to understand it better.

Ramadan comes in the 9th month, based on the lunar Islamic calendar and is considered the most holy month. According to Islam, this is the month where Angel Jibril (Gabriel) revealed the word of Allah (God) to the prophet Muhammed, which later became the Qur´an. The Qur´an states to honor the holy month of Ramadan. The Qur´an explains why the month is honored.

¨The month of Ramadan is a guidance for the people and clear guidance and criterion,” it depicts.

During this month, Muslims avoid drinking, eating, smoking and participating in sexual activity. They also avoid impurity, unkind thoughts and words, and bad behavior.

The first food Muslims eat before fasting is called ¨Suhoor.” After finishing the fast, the meal at the end of the day is called ¨Iftar.”

Many people think that this is a month where people starve themselves to lose weight. It is normally because they are not familiar with these beliefs and ideologies, so they are curious and simply want to know more.

Before opening the fast, many Muslims give food to the needy who cannot afford the meals and break the fast with them in the mosque (worshiping place of Muslims). Muslims break their fast with dates because the fruit is sweet and provides energy after not eating and drinking for a long time. Along with dates, Muslims drink water starting in the name of Allah (God).

Some people who are exempted from fasting are children, elderly people, a menstruating girl/woman, a pregnant lady, a breastfeeding woman, a sick/chronically ill person, and travelers.

The last ten days of Ramadan are believed to be more sacred because the first revelation of the Holy Qur´an was revealed to prophet Muhamad. Also, in this month Muslim people give charity (Zakat) to certain types of people for example; poor, orphans, needy and others.

At last after Ramadan, Muslims have a three days celebration to finish the Ramadan which is called Eid-alFitr. In these days, families and friends come together and go shopping, eat and spend a lot of time together.

Working during Ramadan