Modifications being made in Renton airport


Britney Nguyen, Staff Writer

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The Renton City Council has been curating a plan on determining the expansion of The Renton Municipal Airport that they own and manage. The plan is called “Renton Municipal Airport Master Plan Preferred Airside Alternative.”

There was a public hearing at the Renton Pavilion on January 15th, 2019, and they reviewed the proposal and added comments.

General Information 

The airport is a general aviation airport, helping local communities and Renton City. Originally, they had several plans for the re-positioning, but now have ended up with three distinct plans.

These considerations are the last, left up for discussion:

  • Alternative #4 — EMAS on both ends with South Runway Safety Area Shift
  • Alternative #5 — EMAS on both ends with North Runway Safety Area Shift
  • Alternative #6 — Declared Distances with EMAS North and Traditional Runway Safety Area South

This has been an ongoing debate as they had many meetings back in 2016-17. In 2017, the staff had opened a 45-day comment period to solicit feedback from the Airport Advisory Committee (AAC), on the seven alternatives, and back in May 2018 airport staff had took the time to explore all the benefits of each alternative.

Collected Data

The table on the right is called “Master Plan Alternative Benefits and Drawbacks” and outlines a variety of problems the airport had found and looked into. The data table was based on empirical and theoretical data when providing the initial recommendation.

What’s the final decision?

Back in 2018, the decision on expansion was postponed until 2019. A notice was put up late last year announcing that a decision would not be made until January of this year. The Renton City Council should be getting an update from the public hearing that took place at Renton Pavilion when they re-convene on the 28th of January.

Administration said that if they do not decide this month, the airport will start losing a generous amount of money. With that being said, the decision has not been finalized yet but there will be an update soon.

Who will this effect? 

Downtown property owners, downtown businesses, and the Renton High School may be forced out, moving the runway south. This impacts our community, so it’s best to keep up with the news.

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