Rise and Fall of “Naruto”

Rise and Fall of “Naruto”

Jianhao Lin, Staff Writer

What is the “Naruto” series?

Naruto is a Japanese manga series drawn and written by Masashi Kishimoto and later adapted to an anime series. Anime series are made with the intention to promote the manga and boost sells. The series revolves around the title character Naruto Uzumaki, a shinobi (ninja) who seeks for recognition amount his village and his childhood dream is to become the Hokage who is essentially The leader of his village.

What made it so unique?

“Naruto” was good for a number of reasons, with hand to hand combat, hand signs technique, and great Original Sound Track. In addition, it tells about an underdog types story about Naruto being oppressed throughout his life. The series touched a lot of people and really related to a lot of those have been through hardships through their lives and Kishimoto tries to convey a story where he showed you that even though you can go through suffering you can still be the hero at the end of the day.

What are filler episodes?

Anime episodes can cover way more content than the manga chapters eventually the anime will surpass the manga content to base on. Instead of just waiting for months for more manga contents to do animation on. The animation studios make lower quality episodes that do not come from the manga and tends to distract away from the current storyline and completely focus on a different event. In addition, these filler episodes are considered non-canon which means that events never happened in the main storyline since the manga artist had no writing involved in it.

The downfall of Naruto

About 40% of the episodes in the entire “Naruto” Series (“Naruto” and “Naruto Shippuden”) are filler content. This made worst when fillers sprinkle all over the place “Naruto Shippuden”, it distracts away from the narrative and lower the intensity while binge-watching it. In addition, instead of the creative mixture of hand to hand combat and hand signs, it focuses more on the power of bloodlines and introduces massive attacks with no consequence. This strayed away from the vibes and message of the shows.