Multicultural night at RHS


Sydney Coleman, Staff Writer

Multi-cultural night.

One of the most anticipated events of the year, this 3-night celebration gives students a chance to show everyone where they come from and why they’re proud of it. Enamored with such a light-hearted and enthusiastic event, I went to the early rehearsals to learn about what it takes to make it happen.

“There’s a lot of moving pieces for the whole multi-cultural week,” Mrs. Khelgatian, the secondary director said. “We have the movie, we have the show, we have the shows during advisory, we have the night shows…”

She and two other teachers – Mrs. Paulson (in charge of grade checks and the fashion show) and Mrs. Keopanya (primary director) – work tirelessly to bring the students together and help them literally get their acts together.

They aren’t bothered by the work, though.

“We get to see an element of community we don’t get to see at school very often,” said Mrs. K. “It’s really cool because everybody gets really excited about multi. The whole school looks forward to it. It’s really fun!”

Multi comes at a time when schoolwork picks up, and with the new trimester system, there’s even less time to take mental breaks between big projects. Multi acts as that mental break. It allows students to be doing something other than “working their butts off.”

Even kids who aren’t particularly involved in school events enjoy it.

“I think it’s cool,” shared a sophomore student. “It’s good to see kids represented in the school because there aren’t a lot of events that showcase different cultures.”

There have been no negative feelings about Multi-cultural night thus far, and seeing how well-liked it is within the school, they aren’t likely to develop.