African Student Union

African Student Union

Maleyko Ali, Staff Writer

African Student Union has been revived at Renton High School!

Say hello to your new African Student Union officers:

  • Maleyko Ali and Dawit Borrows (co-presidents)
  • Muna Abdi (vice president)
  • Hewan Berha (secretary)
  • Schneader Abanei (treasurer)

They are all students from different backgrounds and nations. Maleyko Ali and Muna Abdi are from Somalia, Dawit Borrows and Hewan Berha are from Ethiopia, and Schneader Abanei is from Cameroon.

The adviser of the African Student Union is Ms. Licano.

They have meetings every Wednesday in Ms. Licano´s classroom 367 from 2:10-2:50pm.

The aim of the African student union is to raise cultural awareness and promote the diverse cultures within the African continent at the same time as challenging what other people think about Africa.

ASU is open to all students and friends of Renton High School. The ASU officers are committed to the transmission of knowledge and cultivation of friendship and respect among all RHS students.

In this year 2018-2019, ASU is taking part in the multicultural fashion show to share our cultural clothing and style. They are taking part in the food fair this upcoming May, and will be making the club members favorite foods and sharing them with students.