Erick Rodea, Staff Writer

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OSHA 10 is an online test that many people can take. By passing this 10 hour test, it shows that you understand the precautions and safety there is needed to work on constructions

Students at Renton High are taking this 10 hour test and have an opportunity to insert the OSHA 10 certificate into their resumes and apply for jobs that accept the certificate to get safety and health benefits and make a living.

Companies such as Boeing, Kenworth, and other construction companies look for students who are interested to apply after high school if they have tested and earned their OSHA certificate.

Students are required to pass the OSHA 10 test in order for them to earn the certificate. When finished with the test, students are set for life and do not ever need to retake it again. The certificate never expires.

Boeing gives students the opportunity to apply into their company and even helps the students take the test and edits their resumes to make themselves look good, increasing their chances
of getting the job, which could be a career.

OSHA gives students opportunities to get into jobs or careers in fields that students want to get into, such as engineering, electrician, or construction.

“Plan, prevent, and protect” the people who get involved in these careers after high school.