Is Netflix taking off ‘Friends?’

The big money deal.

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Is Netflix taking off ‘Friends?’

Misha Holman-Nickerson, Staff Writer

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We all know Netflix frequently takes different movies and shows off their site and adds new ones in replacement.

Well, just a few days ago, Netflix was planning on removing the very-loved show ‘Friends.’

When this was announced, nobody was happy about it. People even threatened to cancel their subscription to Netflix if ‘Friends’ was removed.

Netflix paid around $100 million dollars just to keep their rights of streaming ‘Friends’ throughout 2019.

Netflix first put out ‘Friends’ on their service in 2015. When people started seeing the notice “Available until Jan. 1, 2019,” they went on Twitter and start ranting. After the many, many tweets from upset people, Netflix finally replied saying that Friends will be available for the year of 2019. The confirmation that ‘Friends’ will still be available brought a breath of relief to the shows die-hard fans.

What’s really shocking about this situation is how Netflix originally paid $30 million to stream this T.V. show, but once it was said to be removed and then brought back to continue throughout the year, the price of streaming the show on Netflix went up $70 million dollars.

WarnerMedia is working on their own streaming service. It has been said that if they follow through with Disney’s lead and brings back franchise movies and T.V. shows once their streaming deals expire, Netflix and Hulu will be WarnerMedia’s hardest hit. It is also said that ‘Friends’ will be non-exclusive and will also be streamed on WarnerMedia’s service.

If you were worried about not being able to rewatch ‘Friends,’ no need to panic. Soon, there’ll be 2 streaming sites for your binging. Hope this article answered your question of, “is Netflix really getting rid of Friends?!”