Senior cap and gown countdown

Class of 19’

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Senior cap and gown countdown

Erick Rodea, Staff Writer

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The Class of 2019 is excited for their graduation coming up in 6 months, and nothing is more exciting than to see what they will be coming across their journey of life in.

They have been hard at work, preparing themselves for challenges that will be a life lesson to each and every one of them.

Seniors in Renton High are now preparing themselves with their caps and gowns for their upcoming graduation. The National Achievers have come to the Renton High School to offer the seniors opportunities to order their caps and gowns to prepare themselves for the big day.

Graduation wouldn’t be graduation without cap and gowns.

They have offered seniors extra things to come with the cap and gown such as a hoodie, joggers, key chains and a lanyard. Seniors also had to option to order their class ring of 2019.

Teachers and other high school staff have also helped the seniors to prepare what they will be needing after high school, such as resumes and having to apply to colleges if students want to.

National Achievers has helped students choose what they want to do and order what they desire, it is all up to to seniors to choose. They have been a really good help to the school and

Now, it is up to the seniors to do everything they can to have a successful life after graduating.