Why we should protect India’s Sentinelese Tribe

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Why we should protect India’s Sentinelese Tribe

Ghlezian Gonzales, Staff Writer

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An American was recently killed in the Nicobar Islands after coming into contact with the Sentinelese Tribe, a people who have been isolated from the outside world all their lives.

They are the most protected tribe of India, despite very little being known about them and attempts have been made to study the tribe ending in, of course, complete failure.

With curiosity being one of the most defining characteristics of our human nature, we should respect these indigenous peoples and work to protect their way of life.

Indian authorities have made it prohibited for an individual to come closer than 3 miles of the island. This protects both outsiders and tribes people, as they are extremely hostile and will
attack others with arrows and other weapons.

However, others still attempt to venture to these islands, hitching illegal rides on the boats of fishermen near the area. Due to these circumstances, the Indian government should implement stricter security boundaries along the island to ensure the tribe’s complete and utter safety, and to prevent others being killed for trying to venture into these areas as well.

Indian authorities should strongly enforce these laws among the population to make sure that their people are aware that these laws exist. This will prevent others from attempting to
make contact with the tribe and risking their lives due to their desire to learn more about the them.

On the other hand, scholars have come head to head with authorities in the decision to study the Sentilinese’s way of life or leave them to their own devices. Some even claim that the
tribe should be introduced to civilization as quickly as possible.

However, we should proceed with the latter and allow them to live in peace without trying to make them adapt to modern-age concepts. We shouldn’t disturb a tribe that has already survived thousands of years on their own.

Despite this claim, a major setback this year included the Indian government excluding the Andaman and Nicobar islands in the Union Territory from the Restricted Area Permit
(R.A.P). These propositions make it so that non-Indian citizens aren’t restricted from traversing certain parts of India. Because this event could pose a greater risk for tourists visiting the area,
since the laws of staying away from the Sentinelese don’t apply to them, the Indian government should fight to accept the Andaman and Nicobar islands back to their Union Terrirotry.

Not only should the Indian government restablish their R.A.P for the protection of tourists, but for the protection of the tribe, as they haven’t come into contact with the outside world nor the outside world with them. This means that the tribe is extremely prone to fatal diseases if an outsider manages to come into close contact with them, risking to decimate their already meager population. It now makes this a greater factor for the Andaman and Nicobar islands to be included in India’s R.A.P.