Ambassadors Club hosts annual blood drive

Ruby Weller, Staff Writer and Sports Editor

On November 14th, Blood Works Northwest came to Renton High School to set up the annual blood drive.

Blood drive flyerRiley Opiniano

Over 40 people came to donate blood, meaning that Blood Works acquired 29 pints of blood to help up to 87 patients in the near future.

Someone giving bloodDelaney Connell

The auxiliary gym was filled with blue room dividers to give the donors privacy while others came to register and get tested for eligibility.

After being approved for blood donations, students were taken back behind a bigger blue divider, and seated in a chair where the registered nurses proceeded to draw the donor’s blood.

Aux gym transformed into blood drive areaRiley Opiniano

When they are finished, they then move on to the station with all the snacks. This is one of the most important steps after donating blood as students need to be sure that nothing is wrong and that they can support themselves through the rest of the day.

Snacks for people donating bloodDelaney Connell

The whole process takes about 30 minutes to an hour.

This event was organized by the Ambassadors of Renton High and many volunteers included HOSA members.

The table just inside the door to the auxiliary gym was filled with passes, permissions slips, snacks/drinks and another paper that put a very good offer in the faces of those looking for ways to pay for their colleges.

The offer was for students to host their own blood drives over winter break. If students could successfully get 36-50 donors to attend, then they could earn $400-$500.

The specific dates for the optional drive are: 12/15/18 through 1/13/19.

If wanting to find out more about this offer, you could contact Nikki Watson through her phone number (206) 444-2972 or through her e-mail .

The dates are on a first come first serve basis so get your inquiries in asap!!