China’s new concentration camps


Yariana Velasquez, Staff Writer

In time, society’s come to realize that angsty national events have properly taught the new generations a few lessons here and there. Regardless of tragedies prominent throughout history, and promises that nothing like this would ever happen again, China is brainwashing millions of innocent people who are currently held captive in concentration camps 

These camps are dubbed as “concentrated transformation-through education centers” by President Xi Jinping of China.

Millions of Muslims are awakened, forced to jog, physically abused, forced to sing hymns, praise the Chinese communist party, and write self-criticism essays (New York Times).

This is pure manipulation and promotion of self-hate towards something one believes in, and that is inhumane.  

According to Tremr, the effects captivity has on a person include “impaired memory, intrusive flashbacks, hypervigilance, anxiety, anger, depression, guilt, and withdrawal from others,” (Tremr).

These people are snatched from their homes and forced to praise individuals who are holding them hostage, the same individuals who are separating millions of families in China and going to cause them a lifetime of mistrust towards the people around them.  

For example, Bacha Kan, a Pakistani trader that returned home from a trip abroad, came to realize his wife and children were taken into custody during his absence, besides, his house was demolished.

The Wall Street Journal wrote, “Police told him his family had been taken into custody, adding up to the 1 million people, most of them Muslim ethnic Uighurs, that the United Nations estimates have been detained by China in camps in its Xinjiang region,” (Wall Street Journal).

How can this possibly benefit China? We’ll never know since Xin Jinping keeps denying it.  

Netizens speculate his decision was based on the multiple terrorist attacks happening in Xinjiang, China. According to other sources, there was no decrease in any attacks ever since Xin Jinping decided to establish these camps. Respectfully, this event is highly comparable to how the Holocaust started; it did not end well. That may be the reason why Xin Jinping kept denying the allegations.  

When Xin Jinping and his officials finally came out on the subject, they described the camps very differently.

Apparently, the camps are made to help with communication abilities, educate on modern science and Chinese history (Crescent News).

This response rightfully angered many. 

How is limiting human rights going to positively affect people? Separating families isn’t going to benefit anyone either.

If Xin Jinping sees that his masterful, top-secret plan didn’t work out the way he wanted it to, why can’t he detain everything? As a leader rightful to his people, President Xin Jinping needs to stop putting his pride over other people’s suffering.