Pollution in the world

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Pollution in the world

Ruby Weller, Staff Writer & Sports Editor

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Pollution is a worldwide issue that is becoming worse by the day. It is affecting everyone, even those that are not breathing on their own.

Air pollution affects 9 out of 10 people, and it is even reaching unborn babies. The pollution goes through the mother’s lungs and on to the baby’s air supply.  

Even though many people know that pollution is affecting the world, there are a few that believe it is not doing anything, or at least anything major that is. These people think that pollution is not an issue and is not killing the planet.

But, they are incorrect.

Pollution is affecting everything on the planet. The water, the air, the plants, the people, even the animals. When people litter, especially near rivers, lakes or oceans, it gets washed away, usually into drains, then to the water sources (rivers, lakes, and oceans). This can affect all the wildlife in the ocean, the fish (big and small), the turtles, all of it. Global warming is a big example of world pollution. Many more storms are happening, the oceans are getting bigger; it is not good.

This topic needs more attention.

The earth´s air pollution is so bad in some places that the people that live in those areas must constantly have air masks on. They cannot breathe the air as is, as it could affect their health in a very negative way. There are articles on how air pollution could be affecting people’s brains as well as their lungs. That is how you know that it is getting bad.

The things that cause air pollution are things like factory smoke, car exhaust, and other man-made gases and smoke, things that are not natural but are still being put into the air. 

Then there is water pollution. If you´ve heard of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, then you know that water pollution is obviously bad. If you haven’t heard of this before, it’s a spot in the Pacific Ocean that is full of all kinds of litter. This area covers about 617, 763 square miles (1.6 million square km). It´s basically a sea of its own, full of garbage. Plastic makes up a lot of it, but there is other garbage too.  

Even though many people say that they would never litter, it´s still a big issue. Many people do not consider that when you litter you are hurting the earth and everything on it. If we keep going down this path, we won´t have many years left here. The earth is not our personal dumping ground and cannot take all the strain that is being put on it by humans.  

Some things that you can do to help this issue is by helping your community or household recycle more things that can be recycled or put in other places that aren´t the garbage can. You can also go around your neighborhood and pick up the trash that you see. Any little thing that you do can help. Even little steps lead to bigger ones, so do what you can to help with the world’s pollution, before there’s nothing more that you can do.