Why the #MeToo movement is important and needs to be talked about

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Why the #MeToo movement is important and needs to be talked about

The ladies of 4th period journalism joined together

The ladies of 4th period journalism joined together

Delaney Connell

The ladies of 4th period journalism joined together

Delaney Connell

Delaney Connell

The ladies of 4th period journalism joined together

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The #MeToo Movement is a movement against violence and sexual assault. Starting back in October 2017, a woman named Tarana Burke started this movement all by a Twitter post. Many people believe that this movement is silly and that it has gone too far.   

The #MeToo Movement should be more talked about and people must finally start doing something about this. Imagine a world where sexual assault was never taken care of. Society needs more justice.   

People deserve to have a voice, a chance to speak out about this topic and what they’ve been through being sexually assaulted. The #MeToo Movement gives them that chance. Rape is a horrible thing to go through, and it can mentally scar someone forever.  

With sexual harassment, it goes even further than just being based on the media. There are people who don’t have access to the internet and don’t know about this movement when they’re faced in the situation that many people are – not knowing what to do when stuff like this happens.

For example, “those who are forced into marriages, who are living in wars and occupation, who undergo female genital mutilation… Addressing the digital gender gap is crucial for any social movement to have real, global implications,” Bonnie Chiu states.  

This is important because this movement has been proven to help people!

Even said from The Community House, “According to two national studies, one in four girls and one in seven boys are sexually abused before the age of 18 and one in five women and one in sixteen men are sexually assaulted in college. The #MeToo Movement has helped stir a national conversation on the topic and has brought some healing to many survivors.”

This movement has to be more talked about; people have to be aware of the choices they have and what they can do to feel safe.  

Other people believe that this movement is silly and that it’s gone on for too long, nothing has happened, so society should just give up. Some men believe that apparently taking silent consent is now looked upon as sexual assault for their misjudgment. For example, if a man kissed another girl without verbally asking if he can kiss her, is now violating them. Other women believe that going through this traumatic event of rape has shaped them into who they are today, and instead of being weak and crying over it, they learn from it. There are many strong negative opinions about this topic; such as, how it’s degrading women and that people who stand with this movement are attention seekers.  

It’s time to finally start doing something about this, speaking out, spreading the word about this to people, and fighting to the end. Helping people who deserve the treatment, letting them know that everything is going to be okay.

You can go to the #MeToo movement website to get more information. 

Students from Renton High took a survey about the #MeToo movement.

  • One question asked them what they knew about the movement.
    • 36.11% were honest and said nothing
  • Others were able to write about what they knew.
    • That was 63.89% of people and most of their answers were just that all they knew is that the movement is about fighting against sexual assault which the survey told them in the beginning.

This means that it’s time to spread awareness about this and to continue to fight for this movement to finally be a success.