Santa Fe High School shooting

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Santa Fe High School shooting

Kierra Frazier, Staff Writer

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The 2nd deadliest shooting in the United States in the year of 2018 took place at Sante Fe High School on Friday, May 18th.  A total of ten people were shot and killed, eight of those people were students and the other two were teachers. Thirteen others were left wounded.  

The suspected shooter was identified by police as Dimitrios Pagourtizis, a 17-year-old student who attended Santa Fe High. People believe Dimitrios Pagourtizis committed this crime because he was a victim of bullying.

According to a witness, “Pagourtzis was the victim of bullying by multiple students and coaches.” 

However, using gun violence does not help solve this problem, it just makes the problem bigger than it was from the start; this just puts people’s life’s in danger. This is why the government needs to have stricter gun laws.  

The Sante Fe school shooting is a good example of needing the government to have stricter gun laws. The gun the shooter used was his father’s gun.

“The parents of victim Chris Stone filed a lawsuit against Pagourtzis’ parents, claiming his father did not properly secure his weapons and the parents were negligent in entrusting their son with the firearms.”

People with guns need to learn how to take care of their guns, because things like this happen. This shooting has affected many people. It has affected the students and staff that were present at the time of the shooting and also the friends and family of people involved in the shooting.  

Not only does the shooting affect those who were present at that time, it also affects others around the world. All students around the world could be affected in both a negative way and a positive way. Negatively, this shooting can make students not want to come to school because they are concerned about their safety. Positively, this shooting can make students and staff be more aware of what is going on around the school.  

In all honesty, the shooter did not only ruin everyone else’s life, he ruined his also. Dimitrios Pagourtizis was charged with capital murder of multiple people and aggravated assault. He is held in custody with no bail and sentenced to 40 years to life.  

Dimitrios Pagourtizis was getting bullied by his peers at school. His mindset was set on making sure everyone paid the price for it. By making sure of this he shot up his school and some of his classmates. Instead of making a bad decision of putting many people’s life in danger he should have gone to someone he trusted to help solve the problem.  

School shootings are very deadly. This problem is real and does happen frequently. To put an end to this problem everyone should treat each other with kindness and respect.  

It is time students and teachers pay close attention to what goes on around in both the classroom and hallways. Because, if the problem can be solved how it is supposed to be solved, bigger problems like school shootings would not be happening. This why everyone should treat each other with kindness and respect to help school shootings come to an end and get the government to make stricter gun laws.