Tragic shooting that left 12 people dead


Kimberly Aguirre-Padilla, Staff Writer

On Wednesday night November 7th, 2018, a tragic shooting occurred at Borderline Bar & Grill in Thousand Oaks, California. The place was filled with college students that left 12 people dead and ranks as the 307th shooting occurring in 2018 so far. People need to take action and stop this before more lives are lost.

Many people were shocked to hear the news of the shooting in Borderline Bar & Grill. The 12 victims were identified as Ron Helus age 54, Cody Coffman age 22, Aliana Housley age 18, Justin Meek age 23, Daniel Manrique age 33, Noel Sparks age 21, Jake Dunham age 21, Sean Adler age 48, Blake Dingman age 21, Kristina Morisette age 20, Telemachus Orfanos age 27 and Marky Meza Jr. age 20.

The shooter has been identified as Ian David Long a former Marine age 28. He had often visited the site where the shooting occurred. His body was also found in the bar which is why people believe that he killed himself before the police could get inside. People who knew Ian such as Mark Wald said, “The Ian I knew would not do this.”

Ian David Long went into the bar with a Glock 21.45-caliber handgun. The first person that he shot was a security guard standing outside of the building. Once he got into the building, he started shooting left to right.

Thousands of people are sending prayers to those who lost a family member during this tragic shooting.

President Trump said, “great bravery shown by police” and “God bless all of the victims and families of the victims.” on his Twitter.

Action needs to be taken. Gun control needs to happen now before more lives are lost. Society needs to put a stop to these shootings.