Self-dying hair mistakes and how to avoid them


Avery Petek, Staff Writer

Self dying your hair at home is a great alternative to going to a salon if you are on a tight budget, but if you want your hair to look great, do it the right way.

Here are three common mistakes people make and how to prevent them.

  1. One of the biggest mistakes people make during the hair dye process is washing hair right before dying it. Doing this may cause the color to not stick to the hair as well and can also
    hurt your scalp. The oils that your body naturally create with help protect your scalp from any chemicals in the dye.
  2. Another common mistake that many people make is dying their eyebrows to match they their new hair color. Doing this can be very dangerous and can severely irritate the areas around
    and in the eyes. The safest way to get brows that match your hair is to go to a professional.
  3. The last very frequently made mistake is dying big pieces of it at a time. If you put the dye onto too big of an area, then your hair will not end up being the same color. In fact, you may
    end up with areas that do not look dyed at all. To effectively cover all your hair start at the roots and move down slowly making sure to get all of the hair dyed.

Dying your own hair is fun, but mistakes are easy to make. To be as safe as possible go to a professional. But, if not, make sure to avoid these mistakes and for more information look at the
sites below:

How to dye your own hair like a professional at home –