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Renton boys’ tennis team 2018

Season reflections as one of the players.

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Renton boys’ tennis team 2018

Reynaldo Sta. Maria, Staff Writer

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The coach of the Renton tennis team, David Huyan, oversees the Renton boys’ tennis team and has worked harder every day so that the tennis team can be successful.

Throughout the year, the team has gotten better over the course of the season.

For example, I was in the tennis team and started terribly, but after a few hard training sessoins with Coach David, I adapted the skills of a tennis player and became better and better after each practice because I put in the effort to be better. In addition to improving as a player, I also found a group of friends. The players on the Renton tennis team made me feel welcomed. Because of the common interest of loving tennis, we built great memories together as friends.

Joining the Renton tennis team is a great opportunity to make new friends, learn time-management, build teamwork, get a better body and build great memories.

Throughout the tennis season, we won 3/11 games.

Although we did not do as well, it did not mean we were mad or stressed; because of those games, we experienced the joy in just playing the game and building that friendship bond with our tennis partners.

The Renton boys’ tennis team is a prime example of teamwork, friendship, hard work and dedication. I can proudly say tennis was a great sport because it gave me the joy of doing a sport and made me feel like I belonged somewhere: the Renton tennis team.

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Renton boys’ tennis team 2018