Nintendo’s 2018 Games

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Nintendo’s 2018 Games

Ileana Shannon, Staff Writer

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This year: Nintendo releases some hit games. 

Many new games have been introduced in 2018, which can be hard to decide what kind of games newcomers should try out. Here are some popular game series that is a good choice to try out.

  • Kirby is an adorable pink puff ball who can copy enemies’ abilities. This character was introduced in 1992 on the Gameboy and has been seen in games for every Nintendo console since. The Kirby game series are mainly a fantasy action-plat-former type of game. They are both simple, and fun to play either on your own or with friends.


  • Super Mario is a plat-former game where you play as Mario and go through many worlds, avoiding as many obstacles without losing a life to save the day. The Super Mario series started out as an arcade game in 1983, making its way to every Nintendo console so far. Super Mario is a popular game series with many spin-off games like Mario Kart and Mario Party. The player can either play on their own or play with other players.


  • Legend of Zelda is another example of popular games to start off with. It is an action-adventure game, which are mainly single-player, that has been around since 1986. The player plays as the main character, Link, solving puzzles and defeating enemies in various ways to progress.


  • Pokémon is another game series that has been out since 1996 on the Gameboy. The player plays as a trainer traveling the region, discovering various kinds of creatures with unique abilities called Pokémon. The player creates a team of at least 6 Pokémon and goes around the region, challenging other trainers and gym leaders to prove that they have a chance to challenge the champion. There are so many Pokémon to catch, so there are so many possibilities.

A lot of gamers may know already these games, but new gamers may never have thought about what kind of games these popular series are, or if they should play these games. Hopefully the information above gives new players some insight on what these games are about.