The secret life of teachers

Ever wonder what your teachers are up to after the bell rings at 2:03pm?


Ever wonder what your teacher does outside of school? We had our journalists dig deep into the lives of our very own RHS staff and see what lay behind their teacher aliases.


Melanie Walker

Investigator: Yariana Stefany

Ms. Walker










From a shy and nerdy girl that loved sleeping in, to a teacher that found herself working for more than 10 hours a day, Melanie describes herself as “your average person.” She wakes up at 4 a.m every single day to complete a mental checklist of her daily routine, then driving back home for an hour before doing even more chores. Last time we checked, this is no routine for an average person. We can all agree that this biology teacher needs a relaxing trip where she can peacefully listen to metal music and relax!

Christina Neuschwander

Investigator: Delaney Connell

Ms. Neu














Ms. Neuschwander teaches Leadership and Honors World History here at RHS. Outside of school, she enjoys watching TV, crafting, and working in her yard. Some of her guilty pleasures  involves movies or TV shows with car races. As for a secret talent, she is an amazing speller! When she was a kid, she would win regional and state spelling bees.  In school, she says she was very shy and socially awkward. She mostly wanted to get away from home and find herself, but she ended up finding herself in drama as a sophomore and that helped her become a lot more confident. I guess you could say now that Ms.Neuschwander has grown out of that shy phase and become an amazing teacher!

Rebecca Swanson

Investigator:Ruby Weller

Ms. Swanson














Ms. Swanson has been a committed teacher for 10 years. But, when she isn’t demonstrating labs, she enjoys playing soccer and spending quality time with her family. Her priorities are to make sure her students are able to learn everything they need to know but enjoy doing it!

Martha Hernandez 

Investigator: Avery Petel

Ms. Hernandez














In class she is so patient. But why? How could a person deal with with so many kids? You probably didn’t know this, but she does yoga 3-4 times a week. Yoga doesn’t only help her when trying to be patient in the classroom, it also helps with anxiety. She thinks yoga is fun and a good way to relax. Maybe you should try it!

Emily Squire

Investigators: Analisa Ruiz

Ms. Squire














Swing dancer. Traveler. Italian lover.After school ends, this teacher is on a whole new level. If not seen eating in an Italian restaurant, she’s home with her friends watching movies and eating pizza, out and about singing karaoke, playing video games, possibly swing dancing in the nearest dance studio or walking her dog. She has crossed many borders, stepping foot into Italy, Canada, Mexico and Jamaica where the most fascinating experiences begin. Where would she leave her mark next?

LeeAnne Soule

Investigator: lleana Shannon

Ms. Soule














Language arts teacher and adviser by day, aspired traffic law superhero by night, LeeAnne Soule is more than a “boring name” she said. Mrs. Soule has found exciting and joyous times since she’s moved to Washington, consisting of her nuptial union, beautiful birth of their son, and adventuresome whale-watching in the wild. Despite her sadness from long distance from family, she brings light to her life by filling her days with some of her favorite things. Delicious new recipes whipped up in her kitchen, invigorating hikes photographing nature in all its glory, and sewing charming designs are just a few. Granting her favorite pastimes, Mrs. Soule lets her imagination guide her to making the world a better place. Apart from dedicated time as an educator, she aspires secret super powers where teleportation and certain traffic enforcement will help alleviate frustrations to everyone who suffers from long waits in gridlock traffic. That alone would make everyone’s morning/afternoons more pleasant indeed! Mrs. Soule has achieved her childhood dream to be a teacher, and is doing a great job so far. She models excellence by showing students that she can love her job and enjoy her favorite things in life. 

Rosemary Shaw

investigator: Karen Tran

Ms. Shaw










World of Warcraft player/fan, druid healer, a lovely mother, when she’s not in front of the white board teaching students. She lays back and lets loose and begins her quest. Teleporting into a magical dimension called “World of Warcraft†playing as the “druid healer†crossing the ridged grounds and raiding all the factions with her mythic guild and friends. Although the guild has dispersed she still loves killing enemies. But, sometimes she’d sit down for a quick read and explore her imagination sprouting plants and vines around her. Becoming a savior and loving a quick conversation. But, she always has time for her children, family, and her attention seeker dog.

Casey Paulson

investigator: Angus Nordlund

Ms. Paulson

If there’s one word to describe this teacher, it’s dedicated. She teaches math at the highest level while trying to balance it with her own school work, which leaves her little free time. Even when she does have free time, she’s still on the grind, doing activities such as hiking and camping. If she eventually does need some down time, you’ll find her playing various games on her ipad or even a nice relaxing game of scattergories. What ever the case may be, she is always busy and shows no sign of stopping.

Esther Rich

investigator: Anna Wu

Ms. Rich














Being in the garden and touching the works of her plants, she likes to work hands on not only with gardening, but the work on her house. Seeing new things is what she likes when traveling far and wide. These are just hobbies, but the accomplishments is what is fulfilling.

Lauren Hasson 

investigator: Kierra Frazier

Ms. Hasson














When this teacher isn’t in her classroom doing the thing she likes doing the most, which is cooking, she’s out going on adventures with her friends and family, or she’s just taking a nice little walk in the park. But, the thing she likes doing more after a long day at work is going home to prepare a nice, home-cooked meal and being able to sit back and relax.

Randall Creek

Investigator: Kimberly Aguirre Padilla

Mr. Creek










When he isn’t teaching algebraic equations and helping kids determine tangent you can find Mr.Creek spending time with his family at home or attending concerts. He loves to be outside and explore new things. Even though he has seen much he knows there is still much more to experience in life!

Life outside of the classroom is quite an adventure for these RHS staff members. Hopefully this article will help you keep an open mind about your teachers, maybe there is more behind the rules and quizzes!