People participate in Renton Parkrun against time


Karen Tran, Staff Writer

When participating in the Renton Parkrun, people get a chance to get up, meet with new people, and an opportunity to have some fun in fitness.

The Parkrun takes place every week on Saturdays at 9.a.m at the Riverview Park in Renton.

“I Love it; it’s fun to participate because how friendly everyone is, and it helps you get healthy and active,†said Cathryn Burby, an event director.

When arriving at the event, people comment on how it a very inviting and very friendly atmosphere. The crew explains everything, from the course to the sponsors.


Renton Parkrun sidewalk

“In general, it was great for people who wanted to just jog or run the 5K and get their time, but didn’t really show a great emphasis on the salmon or sockeye unless you went to the Renton community center first to learn about it. Overall, it’s a great place to jog, look around at nature, and get fresh air,†explained a male sophomore from Renton High School who attended the run.

As pepole run, the crew takes pictures, and gives high-fives or the “salmon”-fives. If participants forgot to bring water, they did not have to stress because the crew from the run provide water and a mini snack after the run.

To participate in the run, visit their website (Renton Parkrun) for more information and don’t forget the barcode to record running times. Also, remember to visit the Facebook website for photos of their staff and information (

Workers at Renton Parkrun