The Northwest Tea Festival celebrates its 11th anniversary

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The Northwest Tea Festival celebrates its 11th anniversary

Avery Petek, Staff Writer

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The Exhibition Hall in Seattle Center hosted the 11th annual Northwest Tea Festival the last weekend of September (29-30.) 

The festival was run by volunteers who wanted to share knowledge about tea with others. Admission prices for anyone twelve and up was $15, with kids twelve and under being free. The admission was for both days of an enriching, history-filled, tea experience.

The event boasted many courses and classes to take about the history of tea including many “World of Tea” classes about tea made and created in Korea, China, Japan, India, and many other places.

This year there were 54 vendors that attended.

Though it was a Tea Festival and most of the vendors were selling tea and offering tasting, some of the vendors were selling other things. There was a vendor called “Happi-favors Paper Gifts” that sold tea themed, paper made gifts. If attendees got hungry while trying teas, there was a booth from a bakery called “La Liath Bakery” that sold pastries. If attendees grew drowsy from all the hot tea, there was a tea flavored soda vendor called “Pearl Soda Company”.

People came from all over Washington as well as other states including Kentucky, Oregon, California, and New York, to attend.

Attendees didn’t have to be tea enthusiasts to attend, just an interest in tea, ready to learn, and happy to try an array of new, different types of tea. 



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