Homecoming “then” vs “now”

Delaney Connell, Senior Copy Editor

Has Homecoming always been like it is here at Renton High School? Nice dresses, spirit week, football game and Homecoming court?

I talked to my mom about how she remembers homecoming as a high schooler. It was way different than it is now!

So, what specifically is the difference between Homecoming ¨now¨ vs ¨then¨?

The dress code for RHS Hoco 2018?  Formal / Semi-Formal

The theme? Red Carpet

And to top it off, the entire week leading up to homecoming, we had spirit days to see which class won “Homecoming Week.”

Over the course of two weeks, we elected a homecoming court, with a prince and a princess from each grade and a queen and king representing the senior class.

We hosted a football game on Friday, then on Saturday, everyone spent the day getting all dressed up, eating dinner, and taking pictures with their friends.

So, as you probably already know, Homecoming ¨now¨ is a pretty big deal.

In 1991, just about an hour away, my mom’s Homecoming was different.

Most of the time it was not even called Homecoming; it was called Tolo, where traditionally girls asked guys to the dance. The dance was casual attire, and there wasn’t even a theme!

As for a court, there was a queen, king, prince, and princess. The queen and king were from the senior class, while the prince and princess represented the junior class.

Basically, Homecoming ¨then¨ was just a regular, jeans-and-a-tshirt dance.

So, Homecoming was obviously played up a lot over the years. Maybe it was influenced by Disney movies?  Or maybe it was the over-excited high schoolers who wanted a big-deal dance for the 9th and 10th graders? High School Musical and Zack Effron?

All I know is that Homecoming ¨now¨ vs ¨then¨ are two COMPLETELY different dances.