New music

Quick updates for the fans.

Harrison Schmaling, Staff Writer

Kanye West had an album that was supposed to drop on September 29th called “Yandhi”. It had a similar cover to his 2013 album “Yeezus”.

Kanye went on Twitter to confirm that he would release the album right after his performance on SNL, which was on the 29th, but fans were upset after checking all music services for the album and not being able to find it.

Over the weekend, the album had still not come out, which is unusual for an artist. But then, Kim Kardashian (Kanye West’s wife) announced on Twitter that Kanye’s album would be coming out on November 23rd. A 2 month wait for the album was not what the fans were expecting, and a lot of them have not exhibited good reception to the delay.

The “Carter 5” by Lil Wayne has finally come out after his 74-year hiatus, (oops, I meant 4 years), and the fans’ opinions on the album are mixed. Music fans who are in high school have not had the best to say about the album, but hardcore Wayne fans and older people say that the “Carter 5” delivered, and the album was “fire”. Lil Wayne shows that he still has bars, and can make good songs.

“YSIV” by Logic has also been released from his series “Young Sinatra”. Young Sinatra is Logic’s alter ego, and that is how he released his first mix-tape, where he would stick to just rapping over boom-bap type beats. The new album is the 4th in the series, and he showed that rapping is where he started and talked about the come up. The fans seemed to find it a pretty lack-luster project, and that the actual content was boring. He also confirmed his next album “Ultra 85”.