Visual art events and programs for beginning artist careers

Anna Wu, Staff Writer

For those who enjoy all things visual arts, sharing out artwork can be difficult when wanting to build an audience or wanting to explore diverse categories of visual arts. Here are some events to participate in to help with that.


Art Drop, popularized by an illustrator, is an event that occurs on the first Tuesday of September. Anyone can participate by creating any form of art and leaving their contact information with it. This way, the person who finds the artwork can reach out with a picture of the location on any type of social network with the hashtag #artdropday.


The Emerald City Fired Arts, located near the heart of Downtown Seattle, hosts an open studio dedicated to painting objects like pottery, glass fusion, clay art, and mosaics that has many art supplies for many to experiment with and create art. This studio does not require prior experience to join and has walk-ins during certain hours. The schedule, time, and additional information can be found in the link down below.


The World Photography Organization holds competitions for multiple categories. For the youth competition, ages 12-19 can submit up to 3 images for free. There are certain themes for each competition that must be applied creatively in the submitted images. The prizes for the competition winner being “Flights and accommodation to awards in London / Sony digital imaging equipment / Included in an exhibition at Somerset House, London”. Be sure to check the page for guidelines and rules if interested in joining.


The ACE Mentor Program helps students learn more about architecture, construction, designing, planning, and engineering. There is a scholarship program where students receive scholarships and work on projects with mentors and other students as a team. More specifically, “During the ACE Mentor Program, teams visit major construction sites, complete projects, and meet bi-monthly at mentor firm offices” this allows for students to be more involved in the architectural field and interests in careers.


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