The “Yes” Theory

June 15, 2018

Yes Theory: a Youtube channel that has been changing the landscape for others alike, has big plans to change the way people interact with strangers.

Derin, Matt, Thomas, and Ammar are the guys who make up the channel. They are roommates and friends from all different countries— France, Egypt, America, and Turkey.

Their channel started about 3 years ago and has slowly gained a following of 1.7 million subscribers, not including the thousands on their other social media accounts. They started with the message of connecting with others and welcoming discomfort.

Their first series, called Project 3, was all about doing 30 things that they had never done/things that were out of their comfort zones. After gaining popularity among the community, they continued to pursue this type of content, making more and more videos like “Saying YES to everything for 24 hours,” and “Asking strangers to go on a road trip on the SPOT,” or “Love over Fear.” They believe getting out and being open to new things and people is the first step in leading happier lives.

“We FAIL to explore the world, not just geographically; but also in its depth, by failing to connect with those around us— all of this because we’re afraid,” Thomas explained on behalf of the group.

In a recent video called “2 years of YES in 7 minutes,” the four guys express their gratitude towards the idea and how far it has brought them. Thomas (narrator), explains how the group can no longer be held back by normal societal ideas of happiness and the choice to think differently.

“Life isn’t just a series of goals to be achieved; but rather a journey to be celebrated along the way,” Thomas describes.

Other videos have been very popular among the press.

One called “Love over Fear” is a video that follows the guys into a train station in Canada, where they held up signs that read “They cannot separate us,” along with t-shirts with their names and countries of origin. In wake of the Paris attacks, they wanted to join hands and make a statement for the public.

“The attacks carried out by ISIS around the world hurt us all—if we don’t unite we let them win,” exclaimed the guys.

The “Yes Theory” continues to pull in strangers and followers with their positive and impressive content. Unlike other Youtubers whose goal is only profit or publicity, the YES guys lead every project with purpose. In doing this, they inspire viewers by choosing to live a more open and loving life each day.



                         FULFILLING AS YOU WISH.


                                                                     – The Yes Theory




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