Fun things to do in summer

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Fun things to do in summer

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The Wenatchee river is about a three hour drive from Seattle, but is a great day trip for going white water river rafting. For people who have not done it before, it is a super fun activity that involves being in a boat and paddling through white water rapids. There are many groups such as Alpine Adventures, Osprey Rafting, and Peak 7, that will provide all the equipment needed for this fun day of adventure and they have a well trained guide on each boat. It is something that everybody should try sometime in their life and with it only two hours away, rafting can be more accesible than ever.

Westport is a beach town on the west coast of Washington and has lots of little restaurants and shops, as well as great beaches. There are usually lots of surfers and boogie boarders in the water on the sunny days, although a wetsuit will definitely help with the cold water temperatures. There are outdoor showers that swimmers can use agfter a long day at the beach to rinse off and get sand off! On windy days it is the perfect place to fly a kite so whether it is warm or cold there is always soimething to do.

The Renton Rowing Center is open during the summer on Tuesday to Friday from 2pm-8pm and on the weekend 11am-8pm. They allow rentals for paddle boards, kayaks, and canoes. Each person will need a photo ID and a liability waiver, but it is a great way to spend a summer day with friends! There are also lots of trees at the shore which are perfect for putting up a hammock, and grassy fields for picnics.

Renton Rowing Center Summer Rentals

Green Lake is located near Woodland Park, north of downtown Seattle. Green Lake has a myriad is coffee shops, restaurants, and stores along the edge of the lake. It is a total of 2.8 miles around the lake where people can take relaxing walks or a brisk jog around. They also have a high dive and a regular diving board located in the swimming area that people can use. In addition they have lots of trees which are perfect for a nice day of hammocking in the shade.

Kabota Gardens is a Japanese garden located in upper Rainier Beach. It has multiple ponds and bridges, along with lush grass, flowers, and trees. It is a wonderful place to wander in nature, take a walk, journal, or have a picnic. Lots of people enjoy to have photo shoots there, with the beautiful scenery in the background. 

Golden Gardens is a sandy beach located on the Puget Sound in Seattle. They have bonfire pits open for people to use and it allows for serene summer nights. The sunset on a clear day is phenomenal, not to mention the luminescent water that people can swim or boat in.

The San Juan Islands are perfect for outdoor adventurers. The way to get there is to take a ferry from the Seattle terminal into Friday Harbor. On the island there are many things to do such as explore the cute town, or the mesmerising wilderness. They offer whale watching tours, kayaking trips, and they have great spots to go hiking and biking.

Lake Chelan is a small town in Eastern Washington that is on the lake. The water comes from a melted glacier so although it is cold, it is also crystal clear. It is actually one of the clearest lakes in all of Washington. There are plenty of camping sites along the lake. At the state park there are regular running bathrooms and a snack shack that sells things from ice cream to lunch to pool floaties and suncreen. If you want to take a break from the outdoors, the town is about ten minutes away and they have restaurants and cute shops to go to.

Port Townsend, Wa. – Coastal Town

Port Townsend is a town on the coast of Jefferson County, Washington. The adorable small town is home to some amazing shopping, gift, and clothing destinations, as well as a small Underground Market. They have some amazing diners and candy shops as well. Port Townsend often host small festivals, among which is the Steampunk Festival. In the town you can look around the old, Victorian style architecture, travel to some of the near beaches and lighthouses, and even take a walk to the popular Glass Beach, a place where sea glass hunters frequent.


Rogue River, Oregon – Creamery and Chocolate, White Water Rafting

The Rogue River in Oregon is a spectacular white water rafting and camping spot. The river is exceptionally beautiful and spans of it you can simply swim or float in. If you are a little more daring, however, you can book a guide to take you through the more extreme routes, or if you are experienced, you can take a trip with some of your friends. In Central Point, relatively close to camping sites along the river, is the Rogue Creamery, where you can sample some spectacular and diverse cheeses. Right next to that is Lillie Belle Farms chocolates, where you can take home some great Artisan, handmade Chocolates.


Central Oregon – Bend, Smith Rock, Sisters

Central Oregon is a popular tourist destination in the North West. Their cold, snowy Winters and warm Summers in their High Desert attract many adventurers. Bend is their primary town, where you can book a stay and check out some of the local stores and restaurants, Deschutes Brewery, the parks, or float the river on an inner tube or kayak. Not far away are Smith rocks, one of the most famous rock climbing destinations in the United States. The stunning Smith rocks harbor many trails and routes for climbers and hikers, but if you do not fancy climbing, is an amazing photography and wild life location. Sisters is a small town outside of Bend just through the mountains, where you can shop and look around the cute town. Bend is also surrounded by the Cascade Volcanic Arc, where you can hike, camp, snowboard, and ski.


Ballard, Seattle – rock gyms, Locks, and Theo Chocolates

Ballard is home to many fun and exciting day trip locations. Stone gardens, a rock climbing gym, is an exciting and safe place to try out rock climbing for the first time. The Ballard Locks are a picturesque place to watch the boats, fish, and water. Ballard is also home to the popular Theo Chocolates. Theo offers tours of their Chocolate Factory and stores, where you can sample and buy chocolate and see how it’s made, as well as where it came from.


Washington Coast – camping, crabbing, clamming, oystering, fishing

The Pacific Northwest coast is one of the most beautiful places in the United States. Many people come to Vacation here and experience it, but some of the locals do not always take advantage. There are multiple places throughout the state that are open during the summer so people can go out and collect crabs, clams, fish, and oysters. Obtaining licenses isn’t hard: most local sporting goods stores carry them. Licenses are free for most children, and only about $30 for adults. Going out onto the coast and catching your own Seafood is worth it. If Seafood is not your thing, spend the day on the beach or go kayaking or paddle boarding.


Mopop – Museum of Pop Culture

The Museum of pop culture is located downtown at the Seattle Center. The giant, shiny, metallic, colorful building is home to many music, technological, and cultural displays. They also feature rotating exhibits throughout the year. Currently, they are hosting the world premiere exhibition of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Tickets to the museum are not expensive and the special exhibits usually are not either, especially if you buy them online. It is an amazing Museum and worth the trip out to Seattle. Their hours are 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., with extended summer hours.


Molly Moon’s – ice cream

Molly Moon’s ice cream is some of the best in Seattle, with rich flavors like Honey Lavender, Earl Grey, Scout Mint, Stumptown Coffee, and Salter Caramel. They have sorbet and vegan options, as well as different seasonal flavors. There are currently eight locations in Western Washington area. These include Wallingford, open from 12pm — 11pm, Capitol Hill, 12pm — 11pm, Madrona, 12pm — 11pm, Queen Anne, 12pm — 11pm, U Village, 11am — 11pm, Redmond, 12pm — 11pm, Columbia City, 12pm — 11pm, and 19TH/Mercer, 12pm — 11pm.


Marymoor Park, The Mural, The Crocodile – concerts

Washington offers some amazing, and relatively cheap, sometimes free, music and concert opportunities. Many are constantly advertised throughout the summer on different radio stations. Some even have contests to win free tickets. There is the Marymoor Park Concert Series in Redmond, Washington where there have been outdoor entertainment events for many years. The Mural, in Seattle Center, is a spot where people can enjoy free outdoor concerts Friday evenings in August, presented by the radio station KEXP and the Seattle Center. The Crocodile offers cheap tickets for diverse local & national bands in a low-key, causal setting in their music venue & bar.