Renton Teachers Academy

From the eyes of a student.


Alani R. Wanzer, Staff writer

As people, we see teachers through our lives from grades K-12 and in further education as professors. But sadly, we only see the student-perspective of things which gives us a unfair bias towards the teachers. We don’t understand the time, stress and thoughts built into lesson plans and activities. All we see are activities or lessons that we do not feel are necessary or just do not find appealing. We give them the unfair judgement upon appearance. Luckily, we are given the chance to see the other side teaching: the teacher’s perspective by Renton Teachers Academy.

What is Renton Teachers Academy?

Renton Teachers Academy (RTA) is a program that students are recommended for by teachers or seen by the advisor, Mrs. Smith. In the program, students decide whether to pursue this opportunity, and if they do, they figure out what subject they decide to teach and what grade level they would prefer to teach. They go through training by Mrs. Smith, as well as becoming a student-teacher at a school with the consent of a teacher.

Would RTA be right for you?

The few questions that you should ask yourself are:

  • Is teaching something that you have interest in?
  • Would you want to make change in the educational system?
  • Do you see yourself as a teacher?
  • Would you want to try and learn something new?

If your answer is yes to any of these questions, I recommend trying RTA. RTA is full of opportunities that are endless in the teaching world, even if you ask yourself “won’t there be too many teachers?”, the answer is always “no” because we can never have too many teachers.