The truth behind “Senioritis”

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The truth behind “Senioritis”

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Tatiyanna Lewis, Staff Writer

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Do you wake up and feel like there’s no point of going to school?

Tell your parents you’re “sick”?

Homework is quickly becoming optional?

Choosing not to study for a big exam?

Leave school during the day?

Are you a senior?

If you answered “yes” to any more than two questions, you have a case of senioritis. You go through the days and don’t pay attention to the time that is flying by. By the middle of senior year, you’ve most definitely caught a serious case of “senioritis.” Once you catch this, there is little hope you will recover until graduation day.

What is senioritis? Let’s consider the Urban Dictionary definition: “A crippling disease that strikes high school seniors.”

Seniors are in the second semester of their high school career; they’ve worked hard and most likely have completed all their college applications. Why not skate through the last few months? Why not skip a few classes and not study as hard? After all, the colleges already have their grades.

No harm. No foul.

Or so they think!

So, you skip a couple classes, maybe “oversleep” and start turning in your work late. There’s no consequences, right?

One of the biggest lessons that students should learn before they start college is that actions do have consequences. Skipping class can lead to school discipline and detentions. If you attain these habits in high school, then when is it going to change?

Underclassmen should also be aware that this is something that could affect them in their senior years. Junior year is already a rough year when you’re dealing with tests, looking at colleges and feeling the excitement of upcoming senior year. Juniors should get a reality check that even though senior year is exciting with prom, senior skip day and graduation, a lot of those things can come to a stopping point if you catch a bad case of senioritis. Most underclassmen don’t understand that by failing class, they can’t go to prom. And even more importantly, if you don’t have all your requirements done by a certain due date, then there IS NO GRADUATION!

So, is senioritis curable?


If you’re already caught the case of senioritis and continue to have the same study habits and work ethics, then nothing will ever change. If seniors continue to study and work hard, they can get past this crippling disease. Setting goals and/or having a plan on how you will finish strong will only make you want to work harder. Being around friends that can cause a greater impact on your life will also help you cure your case of senioritis.