The Renton Rowing Center


Lauren Duarte, Staff Writer

The Renton Rowing Center is a great opportunity to get a scholarship and to have lots of fun!

The George Pocock Rowing Foundation has five different centers that are available: Pocock rowing center, Renton rowing center, Lake Washington Rowing Club, Baker Rowing and Sailing Center, and Green Lake Crew. Those are a lot of different options and all are of them are great!

Joining a rowing club means joining a team and rowing can get students scholarships – how cool is that!? They even provideĀ  swim lessons, transportation, practice gear and uniforms. It is a great way to have fun with a team, get a scholarship, bond with people, be outside, and much more!

Joining the Renton Rowing Center, not just for the scholarship, but to have fun is what it is all about. Joining the Renton Rowing Center, being together, and having a great time are all fantastic ways to support Renton High School and the community.